Pier 44 @ Marina Del Rey: The Latest

Pier 44 @ Marina Del Rey: The Latest

  • Aria Property
  • 05/1/19

Take a look at these exciting, never before seen exclusive images of the development going on at Pier 44 in Marina Del Rey. Shot from a nearby high-rise, this is an insider look at just how far along the project is going.

Nearby, the 13,000 square foot Trader Joe’s has already commenced operations and is proudly serving the area. The much-needed grocery addition gives nearby residents a welcome change from the two Ralph’s locations and should give a boost to the attractiveness of the area.

According to the Argonaut, “A parking lot that opens to Mindanao can accommodate 100 vehicles, but the store is also accessible by the existing Marina del Rey bike path and several boat slips designated for shoppers will become operational in the coming weeks.”

The Argonaut continues, “Once completed, the new Pier 44 will also include an 8,000-square-foot restaurant space, a new location for the West Marine boating supplies store, a new home and dry dock storage for the South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club, a room for hosting community meetings, a boaters’ lounge with restrooms and showers, a boat repair shop and boat sales offices.” Read more..

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